We Now Have Several Full-Scale Digital Marketing Clients

Marie Benesh and Susan Daniels from Bath, NY, United States

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Marie: Hi, I’m Marie.

Susan: I’m Susan.

Marie: Of Media Point Design. How lucky we were to discover Joe’s program, Agency Accelerator. Before we took the program, we tended to under value ourselves and do a lot of individual tasks rather than digital marketing projects. We would take on small social media, web design or email tasks without a long-term commitment or strategy. The first thing we accomplished while taking the program was to determine our portfolio of offerings and how we would group our services. We now have several, full scale digital marketing clients with monthly recurring revenue.

Susan: We also used to under value our services. We recently build a large eCommerce site for a client for $15,000 and continue to have more work and higher revenue website builds. We also attended the annual conference which we found both motivating and valuable. Because of a conversation there with Brian, we hired our first virtual assistant and have set up a regular weekly task, but ad hoc tasks for them to do, saving us enormous amounts of time doing work that we don’t need to personally do.

Marie: Thanks to Joe and Brian, appreciate your efforts guys.


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