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Tom Bruch from Bryan-College Station, TX, United States

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My name is Tom and I’m from Bryan-College Station, Texas. I’ve been working with Joe for I guess four or five months now. We’ve been in the website design business since 1998, so coming up to 20 years. We’ve just found that while we’re really pretty good at building websites, we’re really not very good at the whole building the business aspect. As we age, we need to figure out a way to get to retirement and a big part of getting to retirement is going to be able to sell our business, so that is our long-term goal.

In working with Joe, we’ve learned quite a few things, pretty eye-opening. Unfortunately, due to our time constraints we’re not even all the way through the program yet. But the first thing probably is understanding the different between selling on time and selling on value. That was like a huge light bulb went off. We didn’t change a whole lot other than how we communicated during our sales process and went through some of the steps that he had shown us how to do with his Solutions and Clarity model and its worked great.

We’re definitely selling websites for more money now than what we had previously, so we’re getting more money out of each customer, that’s a wonderful thing. And we’re entering the conversations about sales with a lot more confidence because we have a game plan going into it. With that it makes it much simpler to be confident in what you’re discussing.

I guess another thing that we learned about is, website design business is cyclical and as we’ve been in it over the years there’s some good times and bad times. Another key realization that we’ve discovered is the concept of maintaining deal flow, in other words, keeping the deals coming in whereas you can accept more business you can turn the spigot on, so to speak, and get more business. That’s our next step and we’re really looking forward to doing that. We’re looking forward to building our business in such a way that at some point we’ll be able to sell it for quite a bit and retire comfortably. Live on some beach somewhere maybe.

I can’t say good enough things about Joe. He’s easy to understand, he’s easy to community with and talks just like a normal Joe, so to speak. That’s what I have to say.


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