Positive Experience Working with Joe, His Team and the Community

Robert Whitcomb from Los Angeles, CA, United States

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This is Robert Whitcomb from Los Angeles, California. We contacted Joe because our web design business was having a little bit of an issue with generating leads. We thought that was one of our only problems, but we definitely had a few more problems that Joe and his team have been helping us look into and resolve. Right now, we’re in the middle of the program and while we haven’t specifically gotten concrete results, it’s been very refreshing and a positive experience working with Joe, his team and actually other people that are within Joe’s program.

It’s been really nice, and it’s been a positive learning environment. They definitely give you a lot of attention and help and the resources are great. We’re right about in the middle of the program, he’s helped us to realize that we might have had a more broad spectrum of clients that we were going after and he made us realize that we needed to focus on specifically clients that were more of our “dream clients”. It’s been really nice, and we’re really stoked on the entire program. We’re excited to get the second half going and we’re looking forward and we’re fully confident that we’re going to get some awesome results.


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