I've Come a Long Way, and I'm Grateful for Having Found Joe's Program

Toby Hernandez from Altadena, CA, United States

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Hey guys, how’s it going. My name is Toby Hernandez, I’m from Altadena, California. I just want to talk a little about Joe’s program and how it’s help me grow and market my business.

A little back story on me, I am a freelance web designer, I’ve been doing this for about ten years. I really did not know how to grow my business or to get more customers or do marketing and that other stuff that entails being a freelancer. I’m so glad I found Joe’s program, it’s helped me tremendously in just getting up to speed on all of these things, including cold emails, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads. These are things I knew nothing about and it really helped me understand the value of how to use these tools to grow my business. And to be a better marketer and to have a structure and plan in place, which is something I was sorely lacking.

In that respect, I’ve come a long way from really not knowing anything on how to market or grow my business, to now feeling pretty confident about the future and where this is headed and I cannot wait to see what the future holds with Joe’s program and I can’t wait to get more clients. I’m ready to finally start attacking this and I’ve got my cold email list ready to go. I will keep adding to that and keep reaching out to people to help grow this business.

Again, thanks Joe, I appreciate it. I’ve come a long way and I am very grateful and thankful for Joe’s program to help me do that. Thanks.


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