From a Couple Clients a Year to Clients Consistently

Greg Goodman from Santa Cruz, CA, United States

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Working with Joe and his team has been a great experience. My name is Greg Goodman, my company is Goodman Creatives and I have been working with Joe for about five months now. Before working with Joe, I had a business that got some business from time to time, but nothing was reliable. I didn’t have any regular streams of referrals; I didn’t have anything that was actively going on to bring new business and new clients.

Everything changed when I started working with Joe and realized all the different funnels that I needed to set up. Thinks like Google Ads and Facebook and landing pages and all sorts of technology, thinks that I now love and geek out on that I had no idea about--well that’s not true, I knew about them but I had no idea how to implement them and set them up successfully. They were just daunting and overwhelming and Joe’s process and working with Joe has made all of that easy and fun and accessible.

I have gone from maybe if I’m lucky, one to two clients a year, to now about one new client a month and much higher paying clients as well. Joe has inspired me to up my prices and finally get paid what I’m worth, which has been revolutionary. So, yeah, I highly recommend working with Joe and his team and good luck.


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