From $2K Websites to $5K Websites and Generating Leads Consistently

Alex Murillo from San Jose, CA, United States

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Hello, my name is Alex with Second Crew. We just wanted to talk about our experience with Joe and his team. We are very thankful. When we first came into the program, we weren’t really sure what to expect from it, but after our initial call with him and the onboarding, it was definitely clear that we had a lot to improve and he could actually help us.

We decided to focus on one offering which was building websites. That helped us because before that we were all over the place. We changed our mindset from charging $2,000 per website, to actually making $5,000 and up websites and that has really helped us. We also brought in more leads using his strategies; Facebook, LinkedIn, Google AdWords and referrals.

Lead nurturing was something that we had never thought about as very important, but thanks to Joe and his team, we realized that this was essential. Recurring revenue is also something that we have now improved on after having worked with Joe.

We’re just really thankful and looking forward to what he comes up with next, because we really want to grow at Second Crew as we have in the past year. Thank you.


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