Figuring Out His Target Market and How to Productize Services

Clint Bush from Seattle, WA, United States

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Hi, my name is Clint Bush and I live in Seattle, Washington. I’ve been on Joe’s program for about five weeks or so, so I’m just getting started. It’s really helped me kind of figure out the minutiae of my business that I haven’t been able to figure out before. I’ve struggled with it and it’s been a big challenge of mine. Such as figuring out my ideal clients, my core offerings, etc. Joe’s program has really helped me figure out some of that stuff and really given me a basis to grow my business from here on out.

I really look forward to work through Joe’s program and I’ve really benefitted from the videos, the groups, the chats, etc. It’s all been very, very helpful. I appreciate the work you do, Joe, keep up the good work. Thank you.


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