Figured Out How to Have a Work/Life Balance and Grow Her Business

Mel Eberhart from San Diego, CA, United States

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Hi, my name is Mel and I’m from the San Diego area. Before Joe’s program I worked at a nine to five job in real estate. Before that I owned my own graphic and web design business. However, back then I struggled with consistently generating leads, with locating my ideal clients with healthy budgets. On top of that I was taking advice from really intelligent people with MBAs, but didn’t own their own businesses, didn’t have experience owning their businesses. That was a really difficult lesson for me to learn, eventually. I did burn out and that’s why I entered the nine to five work force.

Joe’s program has been an incredible experience for me. It has been challenging at times because of the difference in time zones, but it has helped me change the way I view my business and how I think of my business. Now, I’m more strategic and the tools that he’s provided have allowed me to reorganize, restructure how my business operates.

For example, last month was an incredible month for me in terms of sales and in terms of learning how to overcome failures, or rather be okay with failure and look for ways to improve upon everything. I’m really pleased with the direction everything is taking and I’m really happy with how I’m able to view things differently.

Key realizations that I’ve experienced so far through Joe’s program have included how to maintain my momentum and manage my energy so that when stress occurs, that I’m not burning myself out. And learning how to just navigate my time better so that I can balance both my family and my work without going crazy.


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