Custom Software Development Firm Needed Help with Marketing

Nengah Mustika from Jacksonville, FL, United States

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Hey. My name is Nengah Mustika, I’m the founder of Agile Tech Consulting, it’s in Jacksonville, Florida. We specialize in custom software development. We also develop software products that we sell to school boards, high-tech business, cities, and also non-profit organizations. Beside the custom software, we would like to offer additional service to our clients, which is website design.

We have the skill and talent here in house to do websites, but we’re not very sure about the marketing side of the business. Therefore, I reached out to Joe and his team and wanted to learn more about how we can sell the websites. We joined the team about a month and a half ago and we have learned a lot in one-on-one minutes, the group meetings, and now I’m very excited to see what the 2.0 program could hold for me. Thank you.


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