Closed $10K and $15K Deals as a Direct Result of Working with Joe

Sean Gallagher from Saint Petersburg, FL, United States

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Hey this is Sean from Gallagher Website Design. I want to talk a little bit about Joe’s program and what we got from it. Prior to starting Joe’s program, we were having some trouble really getting sales and having a reliable system for getting sales and leads. We worked with Joe’s programs and we realized with working with that and what we came up with was this system that actually allowed us to get leads, where before we were maybe getting cold leads that weren’t really interested. Now, we’re able to get leads that are actually interested in the service that we’re wanting to offer.

We do website design, development, SEO, pretty much all over the board as far as a digital agency. It was tough to really find people quickly, easily that were qualified in our local area that wanted to actually get our service. Now with what we were able to find out and do with Joe’s program, is we were able to put into place a system that sort of automatically got us these leads that are qualified. They’re looking for what we’re looking for. Instead of us trying to reach out and cold call these people and really have no result from it, we got a system that really helped us understand where to go to get these and how to get them and how to leverage that.

In fact, from that directly, we’ve gotten sales as big as $10,000, $15,000, just from doing some of the things that he’s mentioned, which is really good for our company. That’s great. I’m sure any company would love to have that. There you go, that’s sort of what we got from it and hopefully you’ll sign up and get the same.


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