A Client Actually Chased Me down to Buy a $6,000 Website

Justin Reed from Cleveland, OH, United States

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Hi, my name is Justin Reed. Before Joe’s program, I just felt like I was spending a lot of time and energy throwing mud at the wall, kind of to see what would fit the most and my business was mostly referrals. Through the program Joe has been extremely helpful through one-on-ones, group calls and just answering questions as I have them and really providing clarity around a lot of strategic focus of my attention.

In the first weeks of the program, I actually closed my first client, a $6,000 client that actually chased me --I’ve never had a client chase me before, he chased me for sending a down payment for their website which was fantastic. I’ve had numerous other deals since then and it’s really been the result of the strategies in the program.

Also, now I’ve got a good mix of both referrals and strategies that have driven clients through the program. The other area of value that I’ve really seen a lot from the program is the group of being part of like-minded individuals who have the same goals, strategies and focus as me, that I can bounce ideas off of and that have similar goals as me as well.


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